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Penis Envy Mushrooms: Murder & Conspiracy Behind the World’s Trippiest Shroom

Penis Envy mushrooms were encountered by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna in the Amazon…the story unfolds from there. albino penis envy mushrooms near , order albino penis envy mushrooms, albino penis envy mushrooms
Penis Envy Anatomical Difference courtesy of

Penis Envy shows clear indications that this mushroom has been selectively grown, developing characteristics that are unlikely to exist in nature. The caps on these mushrooms (responsible for distributing the spores) barely open, remaining close to the stem. Many of the mushrooms also produce few or no spores, a characteristic that would quickly cause them to die out in the wild.

Penis Envy Shrooms Variations and Hybrids

When searching online, it’s clear that Penis Envy is one of the best-selling varieties in many spore vendors’ catalogs, with many dedicated cultivators creating many sub-varieties and hybrids in recent years. Here’s a quick rundown of three of the more popular descendants:

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Melmac, also known as Homestead

Melmac is reported to be the original variety isolated by Rich Gee while he was working for Homestead Mushrooms. These mushrooms were often sold with their grow kits before the company went out of business. It’s not clear who switched the name to Melmac, but it’s likely a reference to the home planet of ALF – the Alien Life Form from the 1980’s sci-fi sitcom of the same name. albino penis envy mushrooms Canada

Penis Envy Uncut

Penis Envy Uncut magic mushrooms have a distinct physical feature which is that their caps do not open at all, even late in the mushroom’s maturity. Additionally, caps are distinctly darker than “regular” Penis Envy. They are also said to be the most potent of all of the Penis Envy varieties.

How To Grow Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy Cultivation Terminology

As with any hobby or field of study, mushroom cultivation has its own vernacular. The majority of this vernacular is the same across most mushroom species—although different species feature distinct anatomical differences. The following terms and phrases are useful to know when cultivating mushrooms:

Penis Envy Pins

To start, there’s nothing special to say about Penis Envy pins. The term “pins” is not unique to Penis Envy mushrooms—it’s an abbreviation of the term “pinhead,” which cultivators use to describe the small and earliest visible mushroom formations.  albino penis envy mushrooms

Penis Envy Blobs

One particular quirk of Penis Envy is its tendency to grow “blobs” instead of pins as the mushrooms first begin to appear. Blobs are malformed bits of mushroom tissue. Blobbing tends to happen more commonly in early flushes. Many growers have had success with using a casing layer to prevent blobs from emerging. However, the blobs themselves are not harmful and can actually be quite potent, so fret not: They’re more of an aesthetic problem than a grow-stopper.  albino penis envy mushrooms Uk

Penis Envy Spores

Penis Envy is unique as each mature mushroom cap produces very few spores. Although prints can be made, these tend to be very faint resulting in weak spore syringes. Growers can also use swabs to transfer spores directly from the mushrooms to sterile agar plates, then start their grow project from there. Penis Envy spores are currently legal to purchase for microscope purposes in many regions. But, as mentioned above, cultivation is only decriminalized in select locations.

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When To Harvest Penis Envy

Like all Psilocybe cubensis varieties, the best time to harvest Penis Envy is as the veil breaks. Though this is traditionally done to prevent the mushroom caps from dropping spores all over your growing area, this may be less of a problem with Penis Envy which produces fewer spores than other varieties. As Penis Envy also has a much smaller gill area than other Psilocybe cubensis so spotting when the veil is about to break might take a keen eye.

Penis Envy Mushroom Summary

Penis Envy mushrooms have a long and confused history, and there’s undoubtedly more to learn about this human-cultivated mutant mushroom. With its unique characteristics and popularity in mushroom growing communities, it’s definitely a mushroom that’s worth adding to your grow list. If you are located in a decriminalized region and decide to consume these mushrooms, it’s important to remember they may be more quite potent. So, starting with a low dose and remaining mindful of set and setting can go a long way.

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